North Texas Pool Remodeling Contractor

Pool Remodeling_AfterYou’ve been looking out the window at a pool in disrepair; thinking to yourself -‘next year’. Or maybe it’s been costing you a bit extra in water bills because the old plaster is cracking. You know it’s time to drain the thing and get some new plaster, and maybe even some new decking and stone work.  Our phones are ringing off the wall with folks wanting to remodel their pools – and we know why: Summer is around the corner.  Lucky for you – the experts are in town! 

And – we have the credentials and know-how to get the job done – and done right. We offer complete pool renovations – including:

  Pool Replastering
  Coping Replacement/Repair
  Tile Replacement/ Repair
  Deck Replacement/Resurfacing
  Mastic Replacement
  Plumbing/Electrical Repair
  Weekly & Routine Maintenance

Timing is everything. If we get started on the process, which typically can be anywhere from 10 days to two weeks (and sometimes less – and sometimes more, every pool is different… and every outdoor scenario / living space is different) we could be done well in time for your Summer entertaining.  There is no doubt about it – we are moving into our busy season for pool work, but if we start now – we can have your shining new plaster in place for the 2013 swim season.