3 Quick Tips for Pruning

3319298619_059342e516Summer is officially over with the kids back to school – but it’s also at it’s hottest (and closing) months, so soak up the remaining time outside. We’ve had all summer to enjoy our gardens and back porches or patios, so now it’s time to prepare for what’s to come.

Try these 3 quick tips for pruning in your yard and helping to make your backyard an exterior living area you can be proud of.

1. Get Ahead

Pruning can be a much easier project to manage if you start earlier rather than later. First, browse through your yard and flower beds for any plant that has dead or damaged stems and start trimming away.

Plant stems that are unhealthy attract the attention of diseases and insects and can be a major problem if they go unnoticed.

2. Hedges

Many types of hedges are shaped to form straight-edges or rounded shapes. In order to keep the aesthetically pleasing appeal of well-trimmed hedges, shear new growth immediately.

Often times, the amount of shearing will depend on your design and goals with your specific hedges – just make sure  to keep the top slightly more narrow than the bottom of the hedges so that all branches can receive adequate sunlight.

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3. Deheading

Most flowers look more bright and beautiful when the darker and more faded flowers are pruned – this process is called deheading. Gently use a pair of shears and remove faded flowers so that brighter ones will grow in their place.