Planning and Prepping For A Pretty Patio

Planning and Prepping For A Pretty Patio

patioIt’s time to entertain friends and family outside – and you’ve thought of the perfect place to do it. There’s a space in the backyard that would be great for entertaining – but you just don’t know what to do with it. You’ve thought about a deck or patio – but don’t know much about building or materials. Plus – what about budget? How can you know what to do with your outdoor space? Of course – we’d suggest you call us – we’ll come over and give you a free patio estimate and TONS of great ideas for your space. Here are a couple of other things to consider when making the choice.

Consider the Use
Sounds simple, but it can be easily overlooked. A well-planned deck or patio can be a staple for proving a lifetime of enjoyment for your family and guests – and even add value to your home.  But if not planned correctly, it can become  huge waste of money, time and effort – and instead die and become and troublesome. Your dream of relaxing in an open place can become a real hassle.  There are some instances – where having professional help really pays.

Consider what you will be doing: What are your goals with the space? Are you willing to do maintenance? What is your budget? All of these are questions you should be willing to ask yourself before jumping the gun and putting in a deck or patio.

Normally decks are more affordable, especially if you opt for a concrete slab. They are low maintenance and low cost and newer styles can provide an incredible amount of style to any home. The materials used can range in cost, so having a pre-set budget can help you make decisions that are both affordable and enjoyable.

If you’re considering building on a rugged terrain, be prepared to pay more and with more limited options. Most times frustrating terrain limits your options to only a deck. Be sure and check what your local building codes are before digging in.