Patio Decking Materials – Decorative Concrete, Concrete Staining and Stone Work

Patio Decking Materials – Decorative Concrete, Concrete Staining and Stone Work

Decorative ConcreteBuilding a backyard deck or backyard patio with the proper materials is a huge part of planning your exterior or backyard space. When thought out correctly, proper decking material can add years of longevity onto the lifespan of your deck or patio – and protect it from harmful weather and the brutal Texas sun rays.

It used to be as simple as pouring concrete to create a deck or patio – and with our decorative concrete and concrete staining options – it still can be. But in some cases – the cracking and difficulty in repairing it has led contractors to look for other recommendations and materials. It’s not easy to find decking material that can resist heat, is comfortable on your bare feet and won’t become dangerous slippery after a day by the pool.

With all that being said, here are some decking material options you should consider using in your outdoor space:

Outdoor Tile

Clay and quarry tile is created in Mexico and can come in a variety of styles and shapes. The cost is very manageable but with a risk – tile decking can crack in colder climates and must be done carefully in order to prevent joints and edgings from being exposed.

Stonework  or Decorative Concrete

Often times stone is laid upon existing concrete slabs to further reinforce it while providing an opportunity for design. The cost is much higher when dealing with stone but it can be well worth it – stone soaks up heat much better than other materials.  Decorative concrete or stained concrete is a great and affordable option for patios and outdoor living in Texas – it’s durable and beautiful too.

Wood Decking

This is one of the most popular deck surfaces and can be a decent cost depending on the quality of the wood. The contrast between wood and modern materials used in building pools is a popular selection that many are making. Do remember though, wood requires much more maintenance than other materials.

What materials have you used in your deck or patio?