Three Things to Know About Fencing

Three Things to Know About Fencing

Red CedarFences can be made from many different materials.
Our red cedar fence construction would be considered our premium fencing, while durable white wood is more cost efficient. All fences will be built on site. Wrought iron fencing is also available, and can be used in conjunction with a wood or stone fence.

Wrought iron is a wonderful choice for your gate areas, or small areas where you don’t need as much privacy. The last option is a stone fence which when paired with our red cedar wood planking becomes a beautiful option.

Maybe you don’t need a new fence. If your fence is greying or looks weathered, you might want to think about power washing and re-staining. Creative boundaries can stain, varnish and finish your old fence to create a new look. With just the addition of stain or varnish, you can transform your exterior living areas to a outdoor entertainment showplace and sanctuary.

Creative Boundaries can update your existing fence with the addition of a pergola or a new patio cover.  Much like building a new room or adding on to your home, you can extend your fencing to include construction that is both functional and esthetic.

The options we offer to update your existing fence or create a new fence are almost endless. Each fence is measured and built on site to maximize your outdoor space. We offer free estimates and can work with existing structures like pools or outdoor kitchens.