Landscaping and Design Tips for Creating More Privacy

Landscaping and Design Tips for Creating More Privacy



There are camera phones in everyone’s back pocket and security cameras popping up on every corner of your street. So there is no surprise that people are craving privacy, especially in their own home. Everyone has the right to enjoy their time and space without having that feeling of being watched. However, with just a few small changes, every home can have more privacy.


Plants and shrubs

Your gardens, be that in the front or the rear, are excellent ways to introduce a little more privacy to your home. One way you can do that is to plant new bushes or shrubs strategically. Think about taller trees or fuller bushes. Especially around entrances and along driveways. However, make sure you place these well as the last thing you want is to block any natural light into your home. Another tip is to plant them as a border to your home, or even along pathways. It diverts the attention and makes it harder for prying eyes to see into your home.


Invest in your fencing

Fencing is another way to add privacy to your home instantly. As your borders are set away from your home, you can add higher boundaries. A privacy fence is also something to consider. This type of fence has no gaps or ways anyone can look through, giving your home the ultimate privacy feel. However, before putting up any fences, it might be wise to discuss your choices with your neighbors. While you want to avoid prying eyes, you don’t want to cause any unnecessary drama about borders and putting something up they don’t like or want.


Replace the glass in your window panes or doors

The windows of your home are the open eyes into what goes on behind closed doors. While feature windows are attractive and let in a great amount of natural light, they can be a hindrance when it comes to people glaring inside. Some smaller windows on doors and also more private rooms in your home like a bathroom could be made more private. This can be done by replacing the clear glass for a frosted glass. This distorts what people see through them but keeps the natural light flowing in.


Cover your windows

While frosted glass will work for smaller windows, it won’t work throughout your whole home. You still need to be able to see out of your windows. So a great tip is to ensure the other windows in your home are covered. You could do this by adding blinds or curtains. Blinds specifically are something that can cover your window at all times. Some different styles enable you to have them open at an angle, either vertically or horizontally. Therefore letting in the light but making it difficult for people to see inside. If you want something a little softer then curtains could give you the same effect. The material will offer a more cozy feel to your interior decoration, while ensuring that your rooms and home remain private.